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S V NOVEL knows that the retail industry cannot be generalized. The IT strategy and software for an automotive retailer are much different from that of an ecommerce retailer. S V NOVEL understands these differences and uses this specialized knowledge to choose the right structured QA methodologies. Our customized approach to retail software testing has a focus on:

Data integrity: Retailers need information at the right time and place, but this data must be accurate and complete. Data verification is paramount in all aspects of retail, from inventory to sales. One simple error could have unknown consequences with a large price tag.

Become More Customer Centric

  • Garner and incorporate valuable customer feedback to drive product innovations.
  • Establish customer self service portals to solve complaints and service requests.
  • Formulate up sell strategies by mining existing customer data.
  • Run loyalty programs to retain and reward repeat customers.

Contract and Warranty Management

  • Manage license registration process and contracts with suppliers, distributors etc.
  • Resolve customer warranties, maintenance contracts, exchange and claims handling.
  • Issue timely alerts for lapses, renewals, contracts, licenses, and claims etc. to avoid emergencies..

S V NOVEL has a track record of powering brick and click led business transformation initiatives for some of the most well-known Retail enterprises across the globe. We specialize in applying technologies such as Commerce, Mobility and Analytics to enhance customer engagement for Retailers. Retail IT brings about transformation in retail industry and can help improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Whether you are a Mass Merchandiser looking to leverage store assets and customer base into a more seamless cross-channel service, a fashion retailer looking to leverage online market places or a specialty retailer looking at enhanced customer experience, we have the expertise to deliver next gen solutions. We have built partnerships with leading retail companies and educational organizations that complement our know-how and support us in finding the best professionals. As an authorized distributor of several complimentary solutions, we are prepared to provide comprehensive solutions and best practices to our retail customers.

Retail Solution has partnered with S V NOVEL, the global leader in Retail Store Execution and Workforce Management to bring these solutions to retailers in India. Together, our joint customers will benefit from the winning combination cutting edge technology coupled with locale knowledge, expertise and ownership of implementation delivery.

It All Starts with Understanding the Shopper in Real-time

Customer data in retail is trapped in various online and offline systems making it difficult to leverage. The S V NOVEL Customer Experience Profile (CXP) is an online customer data hub purpose built to drive relevant, personalized experiences across devices and touchpoints.

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