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Pharmacy software for Long Term Care pharmacies. S V NOVEL software system provides the complete long term care pharmacy software solution to fulfill all of your pharmacy's requirements today and beyond. With features including Rx and drug verification, paperless document management, cycle filling, retroactive rebilling and review, tote management, bar coding, eMARS, batch billing, Surescripts E-Prescribing, mobile pharmacy apps, etc. S V NOVEL is the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly pharmacy management software available in the market today, backed by years of experience and Customer satisfaction.

Industry-known for having the most responsive customer service, S V NOVEL prides itself on keeping that reputation and building upon it every year. We realize time is money, especially in the fast-paced pharmacy environment, which is why S V NOVEL makes it priority to provide the customer support pharmacies require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - after-hours, weekends and holidays included. Experience first-class service and response times by getting in touch with our pharmacy software specialists team by either phone, email, or our enhanced support HelpDesk Portal where you can log, track and get the answers you need to any question or request you may have along the way.

Guides to Maintenance and Calibration

Pricing constraints, global competition, reduced capital budgets – and especially increased enforcement activity by the FDA – all mean you need to be more productive, more efficient and 100% compliant. S V NOVEL Regulatory Asset Manager (RAM) was designed with the Pharmaceutical industry in mind. It allows you to put Best Practices in place as prescribed to Maintenance and Calibration. In essence, it helps you do more with less.

Assessment to System Implementation

As a Pharmaceutical manufacturer, you can implement S V NOVEL RAM using either our Best Practices Template or a Custom Configuration. With a full suite of services, we can take you from Project Assessment to System Implementation.

However, in recent times India has been condemned for not granting patents to blockbuster drugs and revoking existing patents of multinational pharmaceutical companies. By publishing the patent grant data by the Indian Patent Office it is clear that the procedure followed by the patent examiners is not bias towards foreign drug markers. The patent law in India is tweaking out the weak patents which don’t stand the section 3(d) of the Indian Patent act.

Treatment Efficacy

The Indian patent act doesn’t allow invention claims to be granted based on simple modification of already known drugs unless the new version of the formula is substantially superior in terms of treatment efficacy.

In recent weeks the Indian government has also recommended compulsory licenses be issued on patents, including Bristol-Myers Squibb’s anti-cancer drug Sprycel while S V NOVEL decided not to follow a rejected patent application for its anti-breast cancer drug Herceptin.

Leveraging our experience as a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry and serialized bar code printer, we created a system where an image of every single sUID was captured with a camera after it was “born.” Next, that image was scanned by optical character recognition (OCR) software to recreate a digital number. In effect, we were able to compare the list of what we intended to produce with a data stream of what we had in fact printed. It was like having two separate coded messages that were meaningless on their own, but confirmed the validity of the associated product when they were combined. Only sUIDs that appeared on both lists were 100 percent verified.

Pharmaceutical and life science organizations

Pharmaceutical and life science organizations face a dynamic future being shaped by several strategic pressures and opportunities. Increasing regulation, payer restrictions on pricing and reimbursement, the need to innovate to address competition and expiring patents are some of the significant challenges. On the other hand, globalization, emerging markets, new advances in technologies and science, and aging populations represent distinct opportunities. The net-net of these factors are that companies in the healthcare industry will increasingly find that they must transform their product portfolios and how they operate while increasing efficiency.

S V NOVEL offers a powerful suite of services focused on helping pharmaceutical and life science companies achieve mission-critical improvements in purchasing and their supply chains. This includes improved spend analysis and purchasing data, use of procurement technology and strategic sourcing.

Furthermore, S V NOVEL procurement outsourcing solutions can be deployed by life science companies to quickly address their core business and achieve operational efficiencies.

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