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Why Manufacturing Companies Run Better with S V NOVEL

S V NOVEL software solutions help companies execute batch-managed materials precisely with continuous, in-process control. See how built-in reporting batches life cycles and quantities, which enables trace-ability of product. With our software, your production operators will better meet quality standards and increase in efficiency. Overall, your enterprise will enjoy real-time data and updates which will enhance decision making.

Whether you’re trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your clients, optimizing your supply chain, or simply streamlining IT costs, our team of experts can help transform your organization and adapt to today’s agile business model. S V NOVEL has years of experience serving the retail marketplace with deep industry-solution experience ranging from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), to supply chain management, to Point of Sale (POS) and financial solutions. As a leading IT solutions provider, S V NOVEL provides end-to-end services that include strategy, design, development, and implementation.


  • Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Cost management, inventory visibility, supplier performance tracking
  • Distributed Supply Chain Management -Source-related capacity planning, inventory management, order management
  • Real Estate Capital Management - Stores and national planning, management, metrics, reporting
  • Point of Sale / Credit / Reconciliation - Sourcing and financial systems, sales audit, loss prevention, PCI compliance
  • Client Analytics, Segmentation, Cross Shop Analysis - Spotting sales trends, complex reporting, identifying top clients and brands
  • Merchandise Planning, Assortment Planning - Optimizing markets, products and geographies
  • Financial reporting - General ledger, stock ledger, flash sales
  • Multi-channel integration - Client experience
  • India's marketplace technology solutions - Extending market presence into India with IT solution strategies.

Work Centers

Work Centers are suitably equipped physical locations where production operations are performed. Work Centers can be machines, people, or a combination of both. Work Centers operate at a pre-defined schedule. The activities performed at or by the work center are valuated by pre-defined costs.


Routings allow a plant describe the production processes used to manufacture items or provide services. A routing defines a sequence of tasks for the production of an item or service.

Production Orders

Production Orders allow a plant maintain approved sales quotes/orders released for production. A production order contains routing information and bill-of-materials of each item that needs to be produced.

QA Checklists

Quality Assurance (QA) Checklists allow project managers verify that all activities and tasks of a production order were performed, and produced complete and correct deliverables. QA Checklists contains details of "ordered" versus "actual" of quality assurance criteria.

Manufacturers are again in the ascendancy. Technology from 3d-printing to IOT and Robotization are driving smart industry beyond the pioneers. And that’s good, because the consumer is becoming increasingly demanding – in terms of speed, of quality and of service.

S V NOVEL software is a smart industry ambassador, helping leading manufacturers to leverage the latest innovations for profitable growth. S V NOVEL for manufacturing automates the manufacturing flow from quote to cashW, production planning and mobile solutions for the ship floor. All in one integrated system, ready to roll as an ‘out the box’ solution for more countries. For businesses with international operations or ambitions, S V NOVEL offers unique ROI from business-wide automation.

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