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The Healthcare landscape in the India. is undergoing tremendous change. Traditional healthcare services have been disrupted like never before, affecting all areas of access, delivery, cost, payments and outcomes. While a large driver for this has been the Affordable Care Act (ACA), other factors driving change are healthcare consumerism, the shift towards value-based care, and disruption by technology. The industry has also seen significant increase in mergers and acquisitions. These changes are challenging health care providers, payers and the supporting health systems to drive improved operational performance across an expanding array of targets and goals with an intensity not previously experienced.

For more than a decade, S V NOVEL has been helping healthcare customers solve their business challenges. By combining healthcare expertise with technology and leveraging delivery models that provide value, S V NOVEL can partner with your healthcare organization to help improve operational performance. A track record of repeat business and success in automating various business processes -- for smaller health plans, providers and pharmacies, as well as healthcare organizations -- demonstrates the trust our customers have in us and our ability to deliver.

Software Hospital Manager

This is very hard to get the on duty and position of hospital staff for the period of emergency situation. We at S V NOVEL offers software hospital manager can see the information in real time and make quick decisions according to hospital staff availability or not.

  • Hospital stall Payroll Processing.
  • Manage and Monitor Staff attendance and Shift scheduling.
  • The way out can be used to enrol patient info, staff and visitors to hospital.
  • Control Access to only authorized personnel to drug store rooms, laboratories, blood storage cabinets and other sensitive zones.

S V NOVEL -HealthData Insights

S V NOVEL-HealthData Insights provides out-of-the-box information applications, built on top of either S V NOVEL -HealthData edition, to serve a range of critical informational needs. It is delivered with a fully prebuilt data model, which encompasses inpatient and ambulatory clinical data, as well as administrative, financial, human resources, patient, physician, facility, and many others. It also comes equipped with a number of fully pre-engineered, powerful state-of-the-art data quality, data mastering, and data integration processes. With the snap-on S V NOVEL -HealthData Insights, providers and payers can start getting valuable cross-organizational insights in weeks rather than months or years.

S V NOVEL-HealthData Insights was built in partnership with University Health Network, a non-profit, regional, fully integrated, and nationally recognized-hospital system. S V NOVEL created the region’s first medical school with Temple University and has earned Major Teaching Hospital designation. The organization’s deep experience in satisfying the business intelligence (BI) needs at executive, departmental, and operational levels has driven the product requirements and has guided product design from inception to delivery and release.

S V NOVEL healthcare outsourcing services help the healthcare organizations enhance their patient satisfaction through seamless back-office operational support. Improving operational performance and technology, we support organizations in reduction of cost. Our expertise in customer support helps us efficiently understand and manage all your patient engagement and communication.

Patient care at an affordable cost

The healthcare industry is facing challenges of providing the best quality patient care at an affordable cost. Consumers’ demands are increasing along with the rapid pace of technological advances. Keeping costs nominal, building a brand loyalty and creating a rich customer experience have become increasingly difficult for today’s healthcare service providers. The best way to accelerate processes and increase revenue is to outsource services to a reputed BPO partner . S V NOVEL as a healthcare support services provider supports healthcare industry with a wide range of process, IT, finance and customer care related outsourcing services that meet the ever-changing demands of businesses.

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