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As students go global and education goes virtual, IT has become a critical component of this industry. S V NOVEL has worked with a variety of schools and colleges in designing curriculum, conducting training and assessment, developing websites and mobile applications, back-office support and internal functions, building IT infrastructure for educational institutions. Our IT solutions have helped them minimize costs, enhance efficiency, attract better students and faculty and improve coordination between students and teachers.

Our IT solutions for Education industry include:

  • Automation of back-office functions.
  • E-learning solutions
  • Web portals and online knowledge sharing applications for educational institutions
  • Online training and assessment systems
  • Mobile app development (native, hybrid and HTML5 mobile apps) on all platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry).

Framework for Education

S V NOVEL offers the creation of highly interactive and learning portals built using the S V NOVEL Framework for Education. Our clients have benefited from a highly effective learning environment leverage the capabilities of latest in portal technology. Learning institutions are becoming day after more inclined towards changing their environments from individual centered to group centered, isolation to collaboration, from factual learning to critical thinking.

Customer-Centric Engagement Model

Student needs are now more about achieving personalized learning. Educators need more efficient class management. Parents require progress reviews, teacher interaction, and communication. Administrations require the assessment of the institutional performance as a whole, planning and budgeting, enhanced productivity, compliance with standards, and more. All these requirements should be based on collaboration, planning, and anywhere anytime access.

Influence the knowledge and training

S V NOVEL will work with the industry to help them influence the knowledge and training that fresh graduates passing out of universities in their catchment areas have so that they can be effective and productive employees very quickly with little or no additional training.

S V NOVEL will work with the industry executives and help them strategize effective collaboration with educational institutions in their catchments areas. We will make industry collaboration with academicians and students proactive, effective and easy, so that fresh graduates from these educational institutions will have the skills and capabilities that the industry needs.

Who do we Serve?

Educational Institutions are our primary customers. Through partnership and effective collaboration with them, and with innovative thinking, superior solutions and application of new technologies, we aim to help them in their quest to achieve S V NOVEL in education delivery and management.

To serve Educational Institutions effectively, we also need to work closely and deliver value to the other important stakeholders in the education ecosystem, i.e., to Students and to Employers.

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