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Business Intelligence

The business intelligence platform from S V NOVEL is a robust, comprehensive solution that allows organizations to leverage their information assets more efficiently and effectively across and beyond the organization.

S V NOVEL lists Among his reasons are:

• S V NOVEL is advocating a new approach to business intelligence. Current business intelligence tools are still hard to use and companies need to find answer to new questions.

• S V NOVEL combines business process management (BPM), complex event processing (CEP), predictive analytics (PA) and visual data mining (DM). “Thus, S V NOVEL handles everything from real-time data capture and streaming to data analysis, forecasting and interactive reporting on a single platform.”

For each of business intelligence software leaders listed, S V NOVEL includes key customers, key business intelligence executives and the location of the company’s headquarters.

How will Business Intelligence benefit?

Business intelligence systems could be expensive and difficult to put in place. So the first question that pops up in mind is, why do it? conducted a study and through it came to conclude that the most important reason for business to use BI Solution is “To be able to make better decisions”. The other reasons were mainly to achieve the following:

  • Growth in revenues
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer service.

Key factors determining

Did you notice that this comprises of all the key factors determining a company’s success. So its clear, business intelligence is very much the brain of a company, just like erp is the spine and crm the heart of any company. All these Business Solutions not only help a company in increasing the income and reducing the investments but forms the lifeline of a company and helps in running the business in the most effective manner thus making a company to stand out and ahead of competitors.

S V NOVEL transforms how users access, interact with, and consume information for their strategic, operational, and personal needs. With S V NOVEL, everyone - from executives to front line workers - is empowered to exploit corporate data to discover new market opportunities, identify hidden behavioral trends, automate and increase the efficiency of core processes, and create value-added information services that generate revenue and loyalty among customers and business partners.

With S V NOVEL, companies can accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and intuitive reporting and analysis solutions internally and externally, and build rich, secure information systems and applications that can be deployed on site, in the cloud, on mobile devices, or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Its unique combination of simplified development, deep customization, robust analytic and visualization capabilities, device and platform independence, powerful security, and unmatched scalability make S V NOVEL the only platform that can deliver analytical, operational, and customer-facing business intelligence.

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